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I’m Bineesh - Founder, and Lead Creative Planner of RELAX Planning.


I’m an Aquarius and someone who just loves "LOVE", so it’s completely appropriate that I was born during the month of love.

I am the daughter of two amazing set of parents; second eldest of four extraordinary siblings; a wife to my high school sweetheart and the love of my life, Rishi; and Mamma to my miracle babies, Avram and Avhni, who are my world.

RELAX Planning is actually my first born, because not only was it a dream that I brought to reality in the world with months of planning, hard work and labour, but it was also conceived when Rishi and I were first trying to get pregnant.  So needless to say my work IS my passion, and extremely important and personal to me.  


I have had event planning in my blood since I was a child because I started off working on non-profit events when I was in a youth group, which as an adult, grew into corporate events and social celebrations, and then over 20 years ago, into a strong passion for weddings.  So Yup! - I have a ton of experience in this industry!!

RELAX was born in January of 2013, and I am extremely proud to say it is a decade old!!! It was a huge check off my bucket list and one that gives me tremendous joy as I get to be a part of so many love stories, life celebrations and moments.

I intentionally chose "RELAX" to represent me and my brand, because it truly reflects how I want my clients to feel and how I want YOU, and your loved ones to feel, experience and celebrate your special moment!

I am someone who believes in the journey of relationships culminating into a commitment of a life together, that brings individuals and families together with an EPIC celebration on the big day.  Although I'm highly skilled and experienced at bringing together all the details and working with the millions of moving pieces to create your memorable day experience with you, I'm truly most fulfilled and excited to be a part of the foundation that sets you towards this new beautiful path on your journey together! And I can’t wait for what we create together!

I'm grateful to all those that have always, and will continue to, support me, guide me and have trusted me in my journey!   


we began like this...

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